Funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union

First study carried out in Europe that will analyze intangible assets at regional level

The Cotec Foundation for Innovation, through its Open Innovation Program (PIA), will finance the first study ever developed in Europe on intangible assets at regional level. This project, carried out by the Ivie, is one of the 16 selected by Cotec from among nearly 2,000 projects submitted to the PIA grant program.

Thanks to this funding, the Ivie will develop the study ‘Endowments of intangible assets in the Spanish regions’ (‘Las dotaciones de activos intangibles en las regions españolas’), focusing mainly on the contribution of intangible assets to the growth of each Spanish region during the period 1995-2013. The project also includes a database on investment and endowment of intangible assets in Spain and its regions.

Calculating and measuring intangible assets is a complex task, as evidenced by the fact that in Europe there are no existing regional studies that quantify the value of these assets. The first will be Ivie’s project dedicated to measuring aspects such as the value of software, R&D, name brands or employee training, in order to obtain data by regions.

Overall, Cotec will finance, partially or completely, the development of 16 proposals grouped in two research areas: education and economy. In its first edition, this grant program has received 1,959 applications from 25 countries, including Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.
The 16 projects finally approved include participants from the public and private sector, such as universities, business schools, associations, firms and international organizations.

July 22nd, 2016