Funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union


  • SPINTAN database on intangibles in the Public sector (1995-2012) and Real Time data (2013-2015).

    When using this database, a reference should be made to the following publication:

    Measuring Intangible Capital in the Public Sector: A Manual
    Edited by: Carol Corrado, Kirsten Jäger and Cecilia Jona-Lasinio
    December 18, 2016

    SPINTAN database includes data on public intangible investment and capital services for 22 European countries and other additional countries, over the period 1995-2012. The data is cross-country harmonized and consistent with the National Accounts (NA) principles. This implies that it is coherent with other NA aggregates (output, tangible gross fixed capital formation, intermediate costs) and with the business sector estimates of intangibles developed by INTAN-Invest (Corrado, Haskel, Jona-Lasino, and Iommi, 2012)

    Background document: SPINTAN Manual

    Real Time data is based on the methodology developed by Fabio Bacchini and Roberto Iannaccone (2016).

    Background document: SPINTAN Working Paper No. 22

  • Task based estimates of organizational capital: Data on organizational capital (task based approach) for a sample of OECD countries. Download

    Gross Fixed Capital Formation for Organisational Capital. All figures are in current prices and millions of national currency.

    Background document: SPINTAN Working Paper No. 21